About our product

The company’s products designed, developed and sell a new innovative mounting system for military & law enforcement helmets. A "one size fit all" system which will be firmly attached to the helmet without drilling holes, without glue and without altering the helmet and with multiple capabilities of connecting accessories to the helmet such as night vision goggles, flashlights, markers, cameras etc.   

About Hmount


HMount Ltd is an Israel-based company providing new innovative solutions for mounting accessories on helmets.

Covering various helmet types from both the military and civilian sector, HMount's systems are uniquely designed for optimal performance facing 

the growing demand for high quality professional gear.

Our systems are highly modular with multiple mounting options allowing a quick effortless installation.

All of our products are made with a strong and durable polymer and are being manufactured in a high standard ISO certified facility. .


08. - 12. June 2020


08. - 12. June 2020


Come see us at EUROSATORY 

08. - 12. Juni 2020 | International exhibition of defence and security