The HMA system allows simultaneously mounting of numerous accessories on front, back and optionally on sides of a military helmet including night vision goggles, cameras, tactical flashlights, etc.

The system is comprised of a Front-to-Back unit which can be used as a stand-alone and optional Side-to-Side units located across for extra stability and full mounting options.

HMA Basic

Front-to-back mounting options only. It is ideal when focusing on the NVG shroud without being bothered with the other features. An excellent choice for NVG kits.


The same front-to-back strap as the HMA basic but with a removable add-on of two picatinny rails which allow additional flashlights and markers to be attached to the helmet.  A great cost-effective and alternative lightweight solution to NVG shroud and side rails.

HMA Complete

The same front-back strap as the Basic plus an additional side-to-side permanent strap. This system is the heaviest and priciest of the line but gives more mounting solutions than anything equivalent including two rails from each side of the helmet for dust Goggles, side flash lights etc.