Main Unit

The HMA's main unit is the FB (Front-to- Back) strap designed to provide mounting options
from the front of the helmet to its back with the features of NVG shroud, cameras and rails.
The main unit can be used as a standalone and is an excellent choice for NVG kits.


1. No-holes- in-helmet installation.
2. NVG shroud.
3. Four standard mounting rails two in the front, two in the back.
4. Two built-in Camera connectors, compatible with GoPro mounts.
5. Back Picatinny rail, compatible with TL-5 Pro tactical marker or similar,
counter-weight solutions and more.

HMA gen 2

Optional Add-ons


A permanent or quick-release add-on of two picatinny rails which allow additional
flashlights and markers to be attached to the helmet.
A great cost-effective and lightweight alternative to side rails.

Mini Profile gray


A permanent side-to- side add-on. Like the main unit, it connects to the helmet
using clamps. While being heavier, pricier and without quick release option comparing to the
A2-P, it gives more mounting options on the sides of the helmet (for example dust goggles
and other accessories).


1. No-holes-in-helmet installation using two clamps (left and right).
2. Built-in Picatinny rail from each side.
3. Two standard mounting rails from each side (compatible with industry standard side rails).